A Conversation with Doe Deere, Lime Crime Founder and CEO

Doe Deere, born in Russia and a current resident of Los Angeles, this young woman has accomplished quite a lot since arriving in New York City at the age of 17. Ms. Deere is a musician, entrepreneur and serious hair color enthusiast.


Her fondest memories of her time in New York, from 1998 to 2012, were those as a musician and band member headquartered in Brooklyn. Doe lived in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, but her time as a musician is one of her fondest memories of living in New York City. It is here that she believes that she became a full-fledged adult.


Ms. Deere’s husband is also a musician and her current business partner. In fact, they met through music and were even in a band together. This experience laid a great foundation for the two to learn how to collaborate and work together. Being in the same band certainly had its challenges, but over all it helped the two to become a strong team and forge a true partnership, both in life and in business.


Doe is truly an individual as well as a very interesting person, her many sides all reveal a different part of her charming personality. When living in New York she realized her dream to be a musician and also started on the path to her entrepreneurial calling. Starting out in Brooklyn, as part of a band with her husband, was just the beginning for this dynamo.


Now a resident of Los Angeles and a very successful business owner, she looks back on these days with a lot of fondness. Her company, Lime Crime, is beloved by women from all walks of life. These vegan products are more than just beauty products, they make a statement.


Many young women look up to Doe as a role model and example of a successful business owner who always followed her dreams and made them come true. Lime Crime is used by women from all over and many celebrities, models, and actresses. The products are vegan and animal cruelty safe, something that Deere believes in passionately.


Lime Crime products create beauty while doing good in this world and acting in an ethical way. Vegan products continue to gain popularity ant Lime Crime was one of the first, clearing the way for the others! Doe Deere is rightfully proud of her accomplishments and the success of Lime Crime.


Visit www.doedeere.com for more information.