A Look At OSI Group’s Recent Expansion

OSI Group is now a global food provider and one of the largest privately held companies in the US. It has the ability to source, develop, produce and distribute custom food solutions anywhere in the world.

From its humble beginnings in Chicago as a meat market and butcher shop, known as Otto & Son in 1909, to its selection as McDonald’s supplier of fresh ground beef in 1955, to its present day operations that includes over 65 facilities with 20,000 employees in 17 different countries, OSI Group’s commitment to food quality and safety makes it an excellent partner for food service and retail brands wanting a concept to table solutions. OSI also offers outstanding chefs and experience product developers to help companies create new food products and a great process team to drive the process.

OSI Group has positioned itself in the past century through expansion and acquisitions to be a global concern to meet the needs of large customers who need consistent distribution and a global supply chain.

OSI expansion into Europe included Germany in 1978 and Spain in 1980, then into Brazil in 1982 and Taiwan in 1987. It expanded into the Philippines in 1990, as well as Mexico, and in 1992, China. Before 2000, OSI expansion included Hungary, Poland and the UK. Expansion also included Australia, Japan, Canada and India since the year 2000, giving it a greater knowledge of global flavor and offering chefs with exceptional culinary skills. OSI Group offers its partners custom food solutions to their precise specification, a global supply chain, innovative research and design facilities and their commitment to continuous improvement.

OSI Group promises its partners a quality experience that their customers are sure to enjoy anywhere in the world. Its extensive capabilities include custom food product development, food supply chain management from sourcing through processing and distribution, help to bring their menus and meal ideas to life, and consistent food safety and quality assurance. When you think of food, think OSI.

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