Alex Pall and His Passion To Elevate EDM Music into Higher Grounds

It is said by no other than Albert Camus himself that the greatest revolt one can make for life is to create art. Art is fleeting and yet eternal, and it can stick to a person’s soul, but can also vanish. Albert Camus understands the temporality of everything and yet feels the urge to still attempt to make things despite their expiration date. While Albert Camus is a novelist, an artist in the field of music is doing the same approach in creating art. That man is Alex Pall of the band The Chainsmokers.


The Release of the New Track


After releasing the new track called “Closer”, The Chainsmokers is now sustaining its position to be one of the most sought-after and attended bands in EDM music history. This is nothing new to Chainsmokers, because it had already been doing something just as fantastic when it released its previous tracks, which include “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.


However, this success would not have been possible without the creative writing prowess of Alex Pall fueling the paradigm of the song’s lyrics. Writing songs is already ubiquitous lately, and it’s so easy to produce music these days with such easy-to-access technology today. But what stands out in Alex Pall’s case is the fact that he puts special emphasis in writing wonderful powerful lyrics into the songs.

When other EDM tracks just go for the hooks, the lures, the things that people dance to, the aim of Alex Pall is to elevate the EDM as a platform. He wants to make it as a canvass of poetry, of soul and of things that can carry the weight of literary value. This had not been done before, and no other artist today in the EDM scene would have the courage to do so, and this means that Alex Pall is doing something that’s revolutionary and changing the way music is done in the dance music environment.


Other artists are oblivious of the importance of lyrics in EDM music, but with Alex Pall’s passion for lyrics, any music lover would now have a higher respect for EDM.