Brian Bonar Is A Leading Financial Expert, Business Founder, And Restaurateur Who Is Proud Of His Accomplishments

Dr. Brian Bonar seems to find a new interest every time that intrigues him. Lately that interest in the restaurant business, and he’s decided it’s time to give California visitors something remarkable to taste. One of his latest most famous acquisitions has been an Californian and French cuisine called Bellamy’s in Escondido, CA to which he hired an award-winning chef, Patrick Ponsaty.


According to Business Insider, one might not have thought that Brian Bonar, who to this point had spent his career in business management intertwined with technology would be pouring his resources into culinary arts. But he loves the idea of visitors getting a rich taste of San Diego County, and now he’s expanding his restaurant holdings to a Bandy Canyon ranch.


Bonar got into business back in the early 1980s when he got his degrees from Strathclyde University in Scotland, and later Staffordshire University in England. He was an expert manager and marketer who worked 17 years for IMB UK Limited, helping grow the then computer manufacturer and technology giant into European markets.


He would later relocate to the US where he would work for several more technology corporations including QMS Management, the Amanda Company, Bezier Systems, and later Rastek and Adaptec Corporations, many of which market printing hardware and software solutions.


But most notably Brian Bonar became a key figure who promoted professional employer organizations (PEO), starting first with Imaging Technologies who merged with a key PEO SourceOne Group, and then Trucept Inc. Professional employer organizations basically are independent companies that provide human resource and accounting services in a packaged product to businesses, usually small and mid-sized businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford a human resources department.


The PEO usually is listed as an employee’s company of record on tax documents, considering the PEO usually does the recruiting, hiring, payroll, and employee benefits packages. The company that hired the PEO still has the final say over employee activities and hiring or firing them.


He also served as CEO and chairman of the board at the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a company that puts together these employee benefits packages.


Imaging Technologies evolved into a complete printing and copy machine service company with ongoing support and proprietary software under Bonar’s leadership.