Doe Deere Colors The World Of Makeup In A Brand New Lime Crime Way

For decades, when it came to wearing makeup, women seemed to follow the group, what society told them was proper and what products to purchase.


Today, times are changing, thanks to beauty pioneers like Doe Deere who think outside the box or in this case, color outside the lines.


Doe Deere’s makeup brand is called Lime Crime, and it’s not exactly what you might imagine. This cosmetics company is edgy, strong and bold. The unique color palettes can be quite bizarre, and women around the world have fallen in love.


Doe Deere gave a fascinating interview to She told the publication that she always had an entrepreneurial edge, even at age 13 as a young girl growing up in her native Russia.


Doe Deere began selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, convincing them that the items were cool and a hot trend. She became quite successful at her first business.


She moved to New York City by 17, and that’s when dreaming large became a wonderful way of thinking and realizing opportunities lay at her feet. She dove into a music career and met her future husband Mark in a band. They collaborated well, and he became a key figure in her makeup empire.


Doe Deere enjoyed developing her true fashion and beauty style in NYC. She has always felt that hair, makeup and clothing all help define a woman’s image. In her case, she liked wearing bold, bright colors and dyeing her hair in lots of candy-colored hues. Doe Deere had a playful vibe and liked to express that side of her.


As huge a metropolis as New York City was, it seemed to lack the makeup she preferred wearing. Frustrated by the lack of anything cool, vibrant and edgy, Doe Deere decided to launch her independent company in 2008. That took guts because the young, pretty lady with the lavender hair was not sure her brand could fly.


Introducing a makeup company online is challenging, but Doe Deere believed that e-commerce was definitely the wave of the future. Lime Crime became prominent on social media like Instagram and Facebook and quickly built up a global fan community.


Doe Deere’s strange but gorgeously pigmented palettes challenged the ordinary beige makeups by the giant cosmetics brands. Lime Crime was bold and sexy, with lipsticks in colors like yellow, blue and green.


Finally, makeup was getting a key makeover.