End Citizens United Comes Forward In Support Of Kirsten Gillibrand

End Citizens United is an organization working towards political reform in the county. Formed in 2010 ECU is at the forefront of political change movements, and is supporting those who are in favor of the people, and fighting for their rights.

The organization feels that the people who are currently in power aren’t paying attention to the needs of the people and only care about those who have a lot of money and who is in power. America runs in a democratic system and therefore needs a party that will listen to the needs of the people and not turns their back on them.

The organization feels that the Democratic Party is the one that is better suited for the progress of the nation. The values that the party adheres to and the past experiences that the people have had when the party was in power have always been positive, which is why they are working to once again, help the party to come into power for the betterment of the country.

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One of the people that the organization supports is Kirsten Gillibrand who is a candidate for the U.S Senate in New York. Her goal is to make sure that the voices of the people in New York reach Washington so that reforms can be made to the structures and policies that are being implemented. She has an immense amount of knowledge with regards to what she does and has worked in the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the past under the Presidential rule of Bill Clinton. However, after spending a short time at the department, she decided to move to New York to be closer to her family. Even though she had left a prestigious job behind, she knew that it wasn’t the end of her career by any means. She thereon decided to start her journey to one day be the Senate for the state of New York, which is probably going to be happening soon.

According to politifact.com Gillibrand has been receiving a lot of support from the people of New York. She shows an incredible amount of promise and has already achieved an immense amount for the benefit of the people in the state. She believes that one day, America can truly have a government that cares about the people and works for their betterment, which is why her being elected would benefit the state immensely.

Gillibrand believes in maintaining total transparency with the people who she plans to serve. She was one of the first candidates to post the entirety of her personal information and financial records online for all the people in the country to see so that they know that she actually means that she says she is working for the benefit of the people.

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