Fabletics: Using Reverse Showrooming To Reach More Customers

In a few years since opening its doors to the public, Fabletics has become a brand to be reckoned with. With reaching one of the top positions in the activewear retail segment, the company has shunned down competitors who have been in the business for ages. The reason why Fabletics has managed to do so in such a short period is that they have implemented some of the most ingenious marketing strategies in place. When the brand first came out, it was decided that the clothes would be sold through an online medium. The Fabletics website would be the primary focus of the brand, and also their main marketing place.

Fabletics wanted to be able to provide their customers with clothing that not only looked and felt good but also which were perfect for the shopper. When someone enters the Fabletics site for the very first time, they are asked a few questions which will help the site decide what might suit the person. Thereon, customers are then given a list of clothing options which cater to the kind of exercise that they do and their body type. Of course, customers can also look through the other options that the site has in store. Then, customers select what they want, and their shipping address and are ready to go. Within days, one can expect to have the latest in activewear fashion, delivered right to their doorstep. Because the person is signing up for a membership program, they can log back into the site every month and just choose what they want to purchase. By doing this, Fabletics has made shopping for activewear extremely comfortable and convenient, making all their customers keep up with the latest trends, looking fashionable.

But when the time came for Fabletics to expand to retail stores, they weren’t going to go down the path that everybody else went. They decided that they should structure their stores in a way which makes them want to go online and by their clothes. Therefore, the company put in place a system, what is referred to as a Reverse Showrooming. With this, customers could come to the stores and try on what they see online. They can then go back home, and buy what they liked in their own time. The showroom also is a place where prospective buyers can come and check out the clothes that Fabletics has, in case they aren’t too sure of what they will get when they order online.

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