George Soros – a Life of Learning and Success

One of the fifty richest people alive was born in 1930 in the city of Budapest, Hungary. He was born into the Jewish family of Erzebat and Triviadar Schwartz. His name is George Soros. Mr George Soros spent long years living in prosecution and running from the occupational force of the German Nazi.

He was not able to settle in a safe and secure place until 1947 when he moved to England. He chose to settle in London where he was finally able to stay long enough to build a life and receive an education. Mr George Soros went to the London school of Economics. He graduated from the academic institution with both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. The first job that Mr George Soros had was as a banker at the Singer & Friedlander which was a merchant bank in the city of London. Learn more on about George.

Presently, Mr George Soros is at the age of 87 and has had significant professional success. He is based in New York City, U. S. and is the owner and CEO of his company – Soros Fund Management. The company holds the significant amount of investment assets of $13 billion. The personal account of Mr George Soros amounts to more than 25 billion dollars. Mr. George Soros is frequently asked about how he managed to amass such a large fortune. His answer most often consists of the story of how he grew up very poor. He learned from a young age that money drives the world and so he made money.

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In 1887 came out the book The Alchemy of Finance which is a sort of a manual for those who want to dabble in the fields of finance and investment. His second book, Underwriting Democracy, hit the bookstores in 1991. It features the views of Mr George Soros on all things politics, and, more specifically, on democracy. His books feature not only the main topics of the works but also many of the most important and life changing experiences of Mr George Soros. He talks about his teenage years and all of the valuable life lessons that he had learned from the way he had been forced to live his life. He also talks about the cold world on industries and how he wishes to make it more hospitable to human beings. During interview Mr George Soros has shared many times that he has the purpose of changing political landscapes and making people more respectful of human rights.

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