Glen Wakeman Providing Solution to Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Glen is also a writer, investor, mentor and a blogger. His five key areas of performance, which include execution, governance, human capital, leadership skills and risk management, are popular and proven to be workable. He has vast experience in emerging markets management and offers advice to executive groups.


Glen graduated with BS in economics and holds an MBA in finance. Before his current position, he worked in GE capital and also founded Nova Four. His passion in entrepreneur pushed him to provide a solution for those with ideas but lack a plan. Glen credits his curiosity as a means to solve problems, which makes him more productive. His use of various applications saves him time and money (Inspirery).


The corporate world recognizes Glen’s leadership skills, teamwork, interpersonal skills, project management and business development. The launch of Nova Four helped customers to access advice and capital.


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According to Glen, The art of war by Sun Tzu is a must read for everyone because it gives lessons on teamwork, discipline, and preparation. Given a chance to go back in time, Glen Wakeman would take record-keeping seriously. During his college life, Glen worked in an automobile parts factory. His work was to clean the bathroom. A job he describes as unpleasant, which taught him not to take anything for granted.


Getting the Day Started


Glen starts the day by reviewing the previous day’s performance and then holds a conference with the partners to divide up the duties. Glen Wakeman also researches on the current trends for customers and also responds to emails. Division of labor is one critical step to productivity.


About LaunchPad


Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad in 2015. The company provides software that helps entrepreneurs organize their work into a workable plan. Glen realized that many people with ideas fail because they lack structure. He solved the problem through LaunchPad, and he is dedicated to the course.


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