Jed McCaleb – The Stellar and BitCoin Billionaire

Many young adults today are becoming business savvy in the technology world. Combining both business and technology brings immense success and experience that appeal to young adults and in turn, provides for a more productive and stable future for them. One of these young adults that has participated (and still does) in this new economical advantage, is Jed McCaleb.



Jed McCaleb is a young programmer of technological proportions. His success began in 2000 when he created eDonkey – one of the first networks to share files amongst individuals. It was also the first in multisource downloading. In addition to eDonkey, Jed McCaleb introduced his technological talents in the cryptocurrency, BitCoin, and started Mt. Gox, the first BitCoin exchange. Just recently in 2014, Jed McCaleb expanded his business-technology intellect and helped start Stellar, which he is co-founder of. Stellar is a company that helps with payments between people. It is also a side version of BitCoin which uses stellar lumens as its currency. Stellar has organizations that help provide credit for people to use Stellar if they have a different currency of money, such as dollars or euros.



Jed McCaleb had also founded another business prior to Stellar. In 2011, he founded Ripple which was worth $20 billion by the time he left in 2013.



As the business industry and technology world continue to change and thrive, Jed McCaleb will no doubtedly keep current with the changes. Through the years of having his different businesses, he has learned that he can only succeed with the changes of technology; hence, he improved his strategy with each business he owned. Now that he has Stellar, he will manage it thoroughly in order to prepare it for the changes through the business of cryptocurrency. And only then will he improve and maintain a stable and successful business for himself – and he will soon be known as the next BitCoin billionare.