Jeff Herman the Advocate

Nationally recognized Jeff Herman is an advocate and attorney for victims of sexual predation. Jeff Herman is most recognized for exposing a sex scandal involving the Archdiocese of Miami and other dioceses across the United States. In November 2011 Jeff won a case that won his client a settlement of an amazing 100 million dollars. Based in Boca Raton he exclusively represents many victims of sexual abuse nationwide. When not in the courtroom he has appeared on CNN, FOX, HLN, and MSNBC as an expert in his field. He also trains professionals that help sexually abused children
A recent article released by the Gazette on March 21 of 2018 states that there is a push to pass a bill in New York that removes the statute of limitations on sexual abuse crimes. Currently, there is a 5-year limit when the victim turns 18 where they can still file a case giving them till they turn 23 to come forward. The new bill would eliminate the time limitations on civil and criminal cases of sexual abuse. The Main opposition for the bill passing is Senator John Flanagan, a Republican of East Newport.
Both actor Corey Feldman and US volleyball player Sarah Barnhard are actively supporting this bill. Cory Feldman hopes that his endorsement to pass the bill will bring attention to the New York legislature and also putting pressure on the Senate members that oppose it. Feldman states “I am blessed to be in this. I hope my presence will bring new opportunities… When it comes to child abuse, there is no way to get the light back”. Feldman was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and it has not been forgotten since no one involved has been brought to justice. Many New York citizens support the bill by 90.6 percent according to a Quinnipiac poll released by senate democrats.


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