Jim Toner – Acclaimed Author and Successful Businessman

Having worked in the real estate investment industry for more than a ¼ of a century, Jim Toner had seen almost everything. From the time he started out with a simple wholesale business with credit and little money, Toner stayed persistent until he found himself on CNN donating debt-free homes to U.S. veterans.


A serious of misfortunes beginning in 2010 led Toner to leave the real estate investment industry. He made the final decision when he and many of his clients were scammed by a well-known guru. This guru was operating one the most successful real estate agencies in the Phoenix, Arizona area, was featured every week on the FOX News National with many professional athletes as clientele references.


To make a long story shorter, according to ideamensch.com, this guru stole Toner’s money and destroyed his personal and professional life. After realizing how crooked the real estate agency could be, and having been scammed out of everything, he decided he no longer wanted to be affiliated with that business. And that is when he began to work with entrepreneurs and business owners to increase their business with celebrity positioning. He also wrote a book that he called ‘send in the wolves‘ and was #1 with Amazon.


Through all of that, Toner was approached by a colleague offering him an opportunity to reenter the real estate investment industry. At first thought, he was not interested. But after a brief time and some consideration, Toner decided to make the best of his rags to riches stories and accept his friends offer. But this time he had a better strategy, he insisted on picking the markets they operated. He would recruit local investors that were the best in the area.


Entrepreneur Jim Toner and his team chose 5 markets and started in Akron, Ohio. Investing in real estate the way it should be done, allows you to make as much money as you want. Toner was fed up with the dishonesty of the industry, and the scammers with tapes and books promoting a scam that is ran by investors. When Toner’s system was applied with an all-star team, it took off with a bang.


Toner wasn’t only trying to establish the best real estate training worldwide, but he also intended to build a portfolio in every city he planted himself in. He practiced what he taught, and bought as many deals as he could, and demonstrated that he was legitimate. Toner is a hardcore non-conformist entrepreneur that doesn’t fit any mold and makes his money doing right by his customers. He loves helping people make money and proves the good guy can come in first. Check out this video on vimeo.


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