Kevin Seawright’s Key Role in the Economic Development of Newark Community

Kevin Seawright is a finance and business management specialist. He is the CFO and the executive VP of Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC). The corporation stimulates investments in the local Newark community by private companies through policy incentives and capital funding. It focuses on growing small businesses and real estate development initiatives.


Kevin Seawright is also the founder of RPS Solutions, a real estate development company that focuses on custom and affordable housing for first-time homebuyers with the goal of raising home ownership numbers in the city of Baltimore. As the founder, he believes home ownership is a fundamental element in strategic wealth development and economic growth. Kevin has extensive experience working in the state, the education sector and real estate development in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:


Kevin has demonstrated his capacity to generate new opportunities and restructure organizations to achieve economic efficiency. He has previously served the city of Baltimore as deputy chief operating officer. He was directly in charge of the public school system including two hundred schools, eight hundred employees, eighty thousand students and over five hundred contractors. Kevin then worked as a campaign manager for KLS Political Services, a political campaign management company.


He has also worked for Tito Contractors as the vice president in charge of finance and human capital. He helped streamline contractor engagement by the state and was instrumental in negotiating better working relations between the state and Tito Contractors. Kevin is dedicated to fostering better relations between the state and private businesses to accelerate economic development. He has an in-depth understanding of business management and can analyze a company’s operations and create strategic restructuring plans that achieve efficiency.


Kevin Seawright can focus on technology to streamline sales, administration and human resources. His management expertise enables him to delve into the intricate elements of businesses’ internal processes such as sales, accounting, and human resources. He is passionate about driving funding to improve education and community development programs. He is a youth sports coach dedicated to encouraging participation in the local basketball scene. He has also served on the board of Babe Ruth Museum.