Kim Dao Shows Bambigirl Around Tokyo

YouTuber Kim Dao loves to show fellow YouTubers the hottest spots in Tokyo. In one of her recent vlogs, Kim Dao explores the Japanese capital with Korean beauty vlogger Bambigirl. Anyone who wants to watch this vlog just has to search, “I got sick 🙁 | Bambigirl in JAPAN! | KimDao in JAPAN.


Kim Dao first introduces us to Bambigirl on the streets of Shinjuku. The two friends are walking to Bambigirl’s Tokyo hotel.


Once they arrive at the hotel, Kim Dao sits in the lobby and waits for Bambigirl to check in. While she’s waiting, Kim Dao pulls out her iPhone and plays some “Pokémon Go.” Learn more:


For lunch, Kim Dao decides to take Bambigirl to a tonkatsu restaurant. They both enjoy a dish of tonkatsu with a side of miso soup.


After lunch, Kim Dao and Bambigirl take the metro to Roppongi. Sadly, Kim doesn’t show us around the Roppongi YouTube space, but she tells us about her experience there afterwards. Learn more:


In the next shot, Kim Dao is in a McDonald’s on the outskirts of Machida. She says it’s an incredibly hot day in Tokyo and that she’s sweating like a pig. Kim Dao has been trying to capture rare Pokémon all day long with her friend Toph. Learn more:


For dinner, Kim Dao orders an egg burger and chicken McNuggets. Toph, on the other hand, orders a chicken burger.


When they’ve finished their McDonald’s meals, Kim Dao heads out to catch a train ride home at 11:30pm. As you could imagine, the train station is completely empty. She closes the video showing us a scab she got on her big toe. Learn more: