Kim Dao Tries “The Spicy Noodle Challenge” With Friends

Have you heard of the “spicy noodle challenge?” If not, then you have to check out Kim Dao’s vlog “Extra Spicy Noodle Challenge!! | Unboxing some Japan stuff.” In addition to watching Kim and her friends eat extremely spicy Korean noodles, you’ll see plenty of clips of Kim’s cute Pomeranian Yuki! Learn more:


Indeed, Yuki is the first thing viewers see in this vlog. Kim Dao drives around Perth to do a few errands with Yuki in the car. Later, Kim Dao stops by a local park and lets Yuki walk around for a few minutes.


In the next shot, Kao (aka kaotsun) and Rachel (aka Orange Tummy) meet Kim Dao at her home. Kim Dao immediately starts unboxing a few of the items she sent home from Japan. Since she doesn’t remember all the things she sent back, Kim says she feels as if she’s giving herself a little present.


Well, actually, the first box has a present for Kim’s boyfriend Eric. Kim discovers a few Miku figurines that Eric wanted for his anime collection. Learn more:


A ton of the items in these boxes from Japan are related to Pikachu. It’s quite clear what Pokémon Kim likes the most!


Things escalate quickly after Kim is done with her unboxing. Rachel pulls out a packet of six Korean spicy noodles for the three friends to share. Kim Dao gets a cup of water ready as Rachel pours the spicy sauce all around the bowl. Learn more:


Interestingly, Rachel seems to have the most difficult time eating the spicy noodles. Rachel grabs a yogurt only a few minutes into the challenge. Kim Dao cheats a bit by adding a handful of cheese to the top of her noodles.


To cool off, the three friends eat a piece of Kao’s homemade chocolate cake.


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