Lime Crime: A New Revolution In Makeup

LimeCrime founder, CEO, and owner, Doe Deere, was born in Izhevsk, Russia, but grew up in New York City. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology but dropped out early in order to pursue her career as an independent fashion designer on eBay. She launched the company in 2008, trying to match her eccentric wardrobe. In 2009, they brought Unicorn Lipsticks to the table. Well-known for their wide range of colors. 3 years later, in 2012, her Velvetines followed, becoming a new craze in the makeup world. She is also well-known in the community for her encouraging attitude and refusal to give up on her big dream.


One of Lime Crime’s most popular products is their Matte Velvetine’s, inspired by Doe Deere’s favorite flower, a red rose. This matte is infused with French vanilla, making the application like a liquid, but dries to make a beautiful velvet-like matte. Second in command to their matte is Diamond Crushers. This is a lip topper that can be worn on bare lips or over lipstick. It gives an effect of diamonds on your lips as it shimmers when applied. It is a long-lasting product that you can wear for hours on end.


After reading about them in TeenVogue, the most appealing product for me is the Unicorn Lipstick, which I found on Lime Crime’s Tumblr.


You can purchase Lime Crime on multiple websites including their website,, and