Luiz Carlos Trabuco Exudes Exemplary Leadership Skills After The Appointment Of A New President

At the center of every change initiative, is the quest to breathe innovative life into the company. Alongside the need to revitalize the manner in which people think and behave within the work jurisdiction, organizational reshuffling is one of the most viable ways to transform a single initiative into multiple revitalizing efforts for the growth of the business.

Banco Bradesco has lately been subjected to organizational reshuffling. Like any other company, employees have been worried about the long-term effects of the following changes;

Background Information

Brandao de Mello, the former president of the company, resigned in late 2017. He said that it was time for a more youthful leader to take over the company as he had served for a relatively longer duration according to He also insisted that it was critical for the management to uphold internal recruitment as it would contribute to the growth of the company in many including maintaining the structure of governance and sustaining the culture that has contributed to the growth and development of the firm. Moreover, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to step in temporarily as the head cheerleader. Among his reasons for selecting him were his resilience and dedication to offering Bradesco some of the best business models for dealing in the competitive industry of banking and finance.


The Election of a New President

In March 2018, Banco Bradesco’s board of directors held series of meetings to elect a new president to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco. After a series of discussion and brainstorming, they decided to choose Octavio de Lazari.

Octavio de Lazari’s Commitment to Work

Octavio de Lazari has been working for Bradesco since he was fifteen years old. Before that, he aspired to be a footballer. However, his father had better plans for him; to find him an employment opportunity at Banco Bradesco. After a series of visits at the bank, he approached a manager-friend who agreed to poach Lazari. Because he was an amateur, he could only be trusted to work as an office boy. Even so, he took his job seriously and managed to work his way up the leadership ladder.

Leadership Roles

Similarly, for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, it all began with an employment opportunity as a clerk. He worked hard to impress the board of directors and land a higher leadership role as the chairman of the company. However, before he was elected, he propelled the firm to engage in constructive partnerships that would, later on, bear fruits and position the company in a better market niche.

Luiz Trabuco Cappi Shares insights on Pension Reforms

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is convinced that Octavio de Lazari will uphold his duty to serve the banking institution diligently. On the other hand, he is impressed by the fact that he shall defend his initial position as the chairman of the firm. In his perspective, the implementation of leadership policies and reforms mainly contribute to the growth of the institution. Without a doubt, luiz Carlos Trabuco is setting a competitive leadership structure at Banco Bradesco.

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