Madison Street Capital (MSC) Orchestrates a Sale/Leaseback Transaction worth $13.2 Million for WLR Automotive Group

Madison Street Capital, the global hub of investment banking and capital structuring solutions, served as an adviser to the WLR Automotive Group during the closing of a sale/leaseback transaction worth $13.2 million. The internationally known WLR Automotive Group specializes in car wash and automotive repair in Tristate and Maryland area. SCF Realty Capital, which is headquartered in Texas, was responsible for completing the sale/leaseback deal. CEO Charles Botchway of MSC released a public statement, terming the sale/leaseback transaction as successful. MSC’s senior M.D., Barry Petersen, collaborated with senior partner Jonathan Wolfe of STREAM Capital Partners in overseeing the deal.


Declarations by WLR Automotive Group’s CEO


Speaking after successfully closing the deal, CEO Randall S. Simpson of WLR Automotive Group said that the deal involved sale-leaseback of at least five of his firm’s location. This transaction has enabled WLR Automotive to raise funds, reinvest, and stamp its authority in the competitive car wash market at a fast-paced rate. Another senior staff at WLR Automotive praised Jonathan Wolfe and Barry Peterson for their efforts and ability to select an ideal model to assist the firm to gain an edge over competitors.


Barry Petersen’s statements


Petersen noted that the transaction would enable WLR to maintain its growth momentum and establish more service centers in the North East. He praised the Jonathan Wolfe as well as the STREAM Capital team for their contributions towards making the deal successful.


Madison Street Capital


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