Marc Sparks: An Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Sparks is the true definition of a serial entrepreneur. To date, he has founded a large portfolio of companies that have come to be very successful. Other than being an entrepreneur, he is a best-selling author and a venture capitalist. He is also one of the strongest believers in God. He claims that if it were not for the grace of God, he wouldn’t have the wealth that he has.


For a man who got a mere C+ grade in high school, you wouldn’t expect him to be the SI unit of serial entrepreneurship. In his book They Can’t Eat You, he narrates of how he became successful despite people not believing in him as he had gotten a C+ in his high school. In the book, he shares of some of his most challenging times and most successful ventures.


Marc Sparks founded Sparks Tank in order to help struggling entrepreneurs. He identified how entrepreneurs struggle without money to get them on their feet and with a community that is not willing to invest in young ideas, not investors and not banks. Through the Sparks Tank, he hopes to connect innovative minds with marketers who will help take their seed ventures into successful businesses.

He hopes that this will help creative minds who fear going out solo because of the fear of failing or not getting the support to commercialize their ideas. The goal here is to make more people financially independent.


Sparks is also the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital. He uses his vast experience in venture capital to tap top-notch talent and back them up to start successful businesses. Sparks also works as Director, Chairman and CEO of Unistar Financial Service.


His premium financial license awarded by the state of Texas enables him to own and manage insurance companies, multi-location insurance companies and bonding agencies.


In fact, even with the success that he has, he doesn’t feel that he has enough to match his decorated education background. He urges other people to look past education achievement and be willing to try their hand at entrepreneurship even if they feel that their education background is wanting.s