Rick Smith Helping Securus Technologies Reach New Milestones

The field of correctional technology has been developing massively in the past few years, and companies like Securus Technologies has played an integral role in it. Securus Technologies is headed by Rick Smith, who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Rick Smith has ensured that the company does well and its revenue grows consistently through the years. Since the time Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008, the company’s revenue has been growing at a massive pace, and it is primarily due to the expansion measures implemented by him. Rick Smith believes that the only way the consistent growth of the company can be guaranteed is by delivering the services to new territories and expanding, slowly but surely. Read more on Crunchbase.com

The services offered by Securus Technologies are better than most of its competitors and costs less too. It is what has helped with the massive popularity of Securus Technologies. The company’s growth is also due to the highly attentive customer service it provides, for which it has also won the Gold Stevie Awards. The company has won the Gold Stevie Award the very first time it participated, which goes on to exemplify the top standards in its management and service quality it maintains. Securus Technologies has a dedicated customer service department that is based in the United States itself that takes care of all the queries of the customers. It helps the customers get the answers and solutions to their questions and issues respectively without any delays.

Rick Smith Securus says that the company is proud to be transforming the correctional field one bit at a time, and believes that in the next few years, it would change the dynamics of the industry entirely with its range of new products and services. Rick Smith said in an interview recently that research and development at Securus Technologies are considered very important and there is an exclusive Technology Center of the company based in Dallas, Texas, where all the research work takes place. In a press release that the company released recently, Rick Smith invited the past, potential, and present customers of Securus Technologies to visit the Technology Center of the company to see the progress its correctional experts and engineers are making in the development of new age correctional technology.

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Rick Smith has done his graduation in engineering from the University of New York and went on to pursue Masters in Business Studies from the Rochester University. It has helped Rick Smith to take on the leadership of the company with great confidence and take its position in the market to the whole new level altogether. Rick Smith believes that it is just the beginning and that Securus Technologies would be touching new milestones in the years to come. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.