Robert Ivy Bags The Noel Polk Award

The Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute of Arts (AIA) Robert Ivy has been announced as the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. In a press release issued early this week by AIA President, Robert Ivy had been nominated as the recipient of this years’ Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

The announcement came as a surprise considering that no architect has ever been selected for such award by the institution. This means that Ivy has become the first architect to be awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Commenting on the news about the award, AIA President Carl Elefante said that Mr. Ivy deserves the recognition for his efforts at the American Institute of Arts. “Having been the CEO of AIA since 2011 as and also an author and editor, Robert Ivy has all it takes to be a great ambassador for the architect profession. We are happy that the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) has recognized and awarded his efforts” said Elefante.

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Before joining the American Institute of Arts as the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ivy served as the editor-in-chief for the Architectural Record and received several awards such as the National Magazine for his exemplary work at the publishing department.

Ivy’s tenure at AIA has seen the institution transform and ranked highly in the global front in terms of architecture and design. He has increased the membership up to around 80,000 across the country. He was named a “master Architect” in 2010 by the National Architecture fraternity. He has also received other awards such as the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas School of architecture.

Nancy LaForge praised Ivy for qualifying for the award terming him as a champion of architecture from Mississippi. “When it comes to making architecture accessible to the public throughout the country, no one has done it more than Robert Ivy. Being a writer, commentator, and author, he has proven to be a real champion and that is why we are proud to be associated with him through the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award” said LaForge.

Mr. Robert Ivy has joined the league of previous Noel Polk honorees which include writer Eudora Welty who was awarded in 2001, actor Morgan Freeman who received the award in 2007, Artist Walter Anderson who was awarded in 1898, singer Leontyne Price of 2000 and writer Shelby Foote who got the award in 2004.

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