Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education Urges Parents To MAP Their Children’s Growth


In the fall, Tennessee school districts are provided with test results that reveal the academic progress of their students. The TNReady results focus completely on student proficiency. However, there is another test that Nashville public schools have begun to use that is called the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). MAP measures the growth of a student over the course of the school year.


There is no doubt that proficiency scores are important, however, they do not reveal the progress made by each student. Rocketship Education has been using MAP from the time they opened their first public school on Nashville. They realize the importance of tracking the academic growth of their students.


Statistics show that children who come from economically challenged backgrounds are already behind their peers when they start school. So, when they take a proficiency test such as TNReady the scores are usually low. However, MAP shows how far the student has come regardless of the starting level of the student. By the measuring how much the student grows within the year, will determine if a student will catch up to their peers or even pass them by.


Rocketship works hard at closing the educational gap and tests such as MAP are an important tool for making that happen. Rocketship urges all parents to know the MAP score of their children and not just their proficiency score. This will allow the parent to be more informed of their child’s progress and how to better help them to continue their success.


Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006. They are a public charter school that goes into low-income communities that can not afford quality education for their community members. Their mission is simple. They want to wipe out the education gap between low-income families and those who have money. They are achieving this goal by involving the parents and surrounding community in the education of each child.