Securus Technologies Makes Its Case Against Press Release Claims

The methods that companies can use to communicate with the public have increased tremendously with the release of recent technology innovations that have made the Internet a platform where millions of people can meet on a regular basis. With the development and popularity of social media, companies can communicate in a way that was not possible a few years ago.


The various ways that companies can use to reach the public is important because an open line of communication allows companies to keep the public informed of the various activities that occur regarding companies on a daily or regular basis. Also, the communication allows companies to keep the company names in the minds of the public. It is a quiet form of marketing.


One of the traditional ways of communicating with the public that is still used frequently is the press release. The press release has been updated as a form of communication by the popularity of the Internet, but the press release still works in the same manner. Recently GTL use the press release as a way of getting a message out to the public concerning a dispute with Securus Technologies that involves technology patent right issues. GTL sent out a press release that provided GTL’s version of the situation.


In response Securus Technologies sent out a press release that defended the company against what was stated by GTL.  In addition, Securus Technologies listed the parts of the statements made by GTL that the company disagreed with in part or as a whole.


I think that Securus Technologies did an awesome job in defending itself against the statements made by GTL. The defense was clear yet very professional in the way it was done.


 Securus Technologies  is a technology company that provides numerous types of technology related products and services for its customers.