Stream Energy, Stream Cares

Stream Energy is a supplier of energy, wireless, and other home services, founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji. Its headquarters are located in Dallas Texas, where the company first offered its services but has now expanded to New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Illinois among other states. Although it hasn’t been widely publicized, the company has been involved in charities and other relief programs since its beginnings in the mid-2000’s. Stream Energy happens to have a philanthropic side, it’s a foundation called Stream Cares. The foundation has partnered with many other organizations to create a bigger force of help to those in need.


Stream Energy has been involved in countless situations where Americans needed help and it simply wasn’t coming fast enough. Texans have not yet forgotten the disaster that happened during the 2016 line of tornados that tore apart homes and businesses. During these sad times, without thinking twice, Stream quickly organized a group who wasn’t afraid to get its hands dirty in order to help the community. They teamed up with the Salvation Army to raise money, mostly coming from donations. The help didn’t end there, as Stream Cares then proceeded to help further by matching the funds, doubling the total. A different instance was during the Hurricane Harvey disaster, where the good people of Stream Cares were some of the first to offer their help and support.

One of their closest ties, of the many organizations they have partnered with, is with Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co. focuses on helping homeless children with things such as clothing, diapers, and other supplies which is done often and routinely. With the help of a different organization Stream Cares has also been known to aid Veteran heroes of our country financially and in a moral sense. There’s no doubt that to Stream Energy, giving back to the community is a priority.