The Impressive Database technology of NuoDB

It takes an innovative technology to garner over sixty million dollars in funding in only eight years of operation. That is exactly what NuoDB has done. After acquiring twelve million in venture capital in 2012, NuoDB went on to win over many other investors. NuoDB cloud database was also named one of Boston’s Business Journals innovation all stars back in 2014. There past success has not made them complacent as they offer patented technology to big brands across the nation such as Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. The technology was invented by Jim Starkey. NuoDB is essentially an elastic SQL database for cloud applications. It expands upon IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s twelve rules of relational databases and has the ability to run anywhere. It also is easily capable of procession over one million transactions per second and is available in many different versions.

There is a free developer version, a profession paid version, enterprise and community version. The SQL database compliant database is also known as NewSql. The technology allows servers to accurately and quickly process information without any sharding. It accomplishes this by utilizing peer to peer messaging which serves in communicating the appropriate information to corresponding nodes.