The Life of David McDonald

David McDonald grew up in northeast Iowa. As a young man, the individual developed an interest in agriculture. His focus was to bring substantial change in the food production process across the globe. McDonald received family support in his quest even if they did not have significant grounds regarding finance. Today, David McDonald is executive president of OSI Group. OSI Food Solutions is the meat processing company that started as Otto and Sons in 1990 serving only Illinois. Today, the company owns over 60 facilities in more than 17 countries globally. Initially, before becoming the president, McDonald was the developing manager. OSI Group offers processed pork, chicken, and beef products.


David McDonald went to Iowa University and graduated with the bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his studies in the institution, the individual got recognized with the Wallace E. Senior Outstanding Award for general excellence. The honor distinguishes learners with excellent academic commitments, take part in community activities, and intend to remain as alumni. David McDonald is one such student with love for the institution. The leader promotes the agricultural initiative of the institution by giving internship opportunities to students. Also, the leader encourages the efforts of the Alpha Gamma Rho by offering scholarship programs.


David McDonald has a wife called Malinda and six children. The individual is also the chief operating officer of OSI Group. Under the able hands of McDonald, the company went through the significant development in the production process of chicken products early this year. The output of quality chicken products increased by a double to 24,000 tons per year. The improvement led to an overall increase in the production capacity of quality chicken, pork, and beef products. Most importantly, the development led to the rise in the number of employees to 160 from the initial 140. In the 20 additional posts is the product development manager.


The work of the office is to ensure proper control of the current products and add new ones to the company’s portfolio. The firm purchased the Tyson Food Plant in North America to show the willingness to serve the region. The company went ahead to buy the Flagship Europe and renaming it the Creative Food Europe. Also, the firm took over the controlling stake in Baho.


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