The Oxford Club: The Ultimate Investor Social Network

Founded in 1989, The Oxford Club offers its members a way to discover new investment opportunities. The club functions as a network for investors and entrepreneurs. Through newsletters and exclusive training sessions, members have access not only to exclusive investment opportunities, but also to the the club’s special four pronged investment approach.


Risk & Asset Class Diversification


The Oxford Club’s investment strategy places great importance on having a well balanced investment profile. This includes splitting members investments across multiple asset classes. Members are encouraged to invest in multiple products types such as stock, debt instruments, mutual funds, etc. In addition to product type diversification, members are encouraged to diversify the risk profile of their investments as well. A well-diversified portfolio should range from risk free US treasuries to high yield bonds.


A Predefined Exit


Understanding when an investment is no longer working is very important. All investment recommendations are accompanied by a predetermined exit strategy. In this way, members are able to minimize their losses.


Position Sizing


Although it may be tempting to invest as much as possible in an attractive opportunity, correct position sizing is paramount to the Oxford Club’s investment strategy. The club uses its proprietary sizing formula to determine how much of an investment should be made. Use of the formula removes the risk of over investing in an opportunity.


Minimize The Broker & Uncle Sam


Brokers and fund managers are usually the gatekeepers of investing. Most individual investors that are not classified as high net worth individuals need to go through them in order to invest in certain asset classes. Investing in the club’s fund reduces these fees allowing members to more fully utilize their investment funds.


Additionally, the club advises it members on how to construct a low tax portfolio. For example, members are able to avoid the higher tax rate on short term gains by avoiding the rapid buying and selling of investments.


The Oxford Club has provided its more than 150,000 members with both opportunities and strategies that have stood the test of time. It teaches it members to not only how to obtain wealth, but how to preserve it as well.