The Role of Securus Technologies in Eliminating Contraband Cells in Jails

Securus Technologies is a high tech company whose role in the society is to see that both the individuals in the convictions and the free world are safe. The users of the company’s gadgets say that they are reliable and no designer has been able to crack their devices.

The inmates can now communicate with the members of the outside world at favorable rates. Securus Technologies have introduced programs that allow the family members to communicate with the convicts from home. This has made it easier for the individuals who have a busy schedule as well as the people whose relatives are convicted far away.

Securus Technologies uses the Wireless Containment System. The phone network helps in controlling the calls that are received in the facilities. When a number is dialed from the correctional facilities, Securus gets to choose what to do with it depending on the situation. Only authorized numbers are allowed to go through the line. The system has blocked more than 1.7 convict’s calls nationwide.

The technology is vital because there have been incidences of inmates harming outsiders through other criminals in the outside world. It would have been easier to ‘’jam’’ signals or block them entirely around the prisons instead of all this, but there is a federal law that forbids it.

Securus Technologies has helped in solving the problems that come along with the contraband cells. Many individuals who work in the prisons have been victimized and ended up hurt or dead.

Robert Johnston is an ex-officer of the prison facilities. He is currently working as a consultant of Securus Technologies. He aims to see that their no smuggling of phones in the correctional facilities. He says that the inmates began this and he is going to make sure he ends it.

Robert Johnston is a victim of the illegal phones in the cells. He narrates his sad story to anyone who cares to listen. On this fateful morning, he woke up at 5:30 a.m., as usual, to prepare for work. He had a loud bang on his front door, and he immediately knew it was a hit. He called out from the hallway to make sure the intruder didn’t go towards where his wife was. The last thing he remembers is that he struggled a little with one man while another one came and pushed him in from behind. He also remembers a barrel of guns pointed at him.

Despite having undergone 23 surgeries in the last seven years due to the incident, nothing will stop him from ensuring the jails are free from contraband cells.