Traveling Vineyard Offers Worldwide Tastes From The Comfort Of Home

People all over the world travel to France to tour it’s wine routes and enjoy the French countryside. As the primary country for wine production, France has been growing grapes and producing wine for centuries. The fertile ground is perfect for production, and each area of France produces it’s own unique wine tastes. Many vineyards offer tours and tastings, and some smaller ones even have bed and breakfasts you can visit.

Champagne is named after a region in France where Dom Perignon is known for inventing the popular beverage. You can visit Champagne Tribaut and enjoy a free tasting with a beautiful view, and even a tour with advance notice. You can learn how Champagne is made at The Aspasie Winery. If you would like to attend some wine festivals plan a trip to Alsace in October. Wines such as Pinot Noir, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Sylvaner are produced here.

Even people unfamiliar with France have likely heard of Bordeaux, which features six different wine routes. Unfortunately, there are too many options to try them all so you will have to pick and choose which wineries you visit. There are many other regions of France with a long history in winemaking. You can plan visits around specific areas or your favorite styles of wine. For those who don’t have the time or money to travel to France, Traveling Vineyard offers 21 styles of wine for in home tastings.

Traveling Vineyard wine guides get the benefit of training in wine tastings and wine pairings from home, with all the resources they need to host their own online training sent to them by mail. As a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide you can bring the complex tastes of French wines to your local community or group of friends while earning commission on the bottles you sell.

Traveling Vineyard gives you a unique opportunity to delve into the world of wine without having to travel the globe. You can also become educated as well as helping your friends learn more about new wines. Best of all, you can make money while doing it, instead of spending it!

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