Wealth Solutions Financial Planning Process

According to BrightScope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has always an interest in finance and education. His mother, grandmother, and wife were all teachers and seeing how teaching can help some grow both confidence and gain knowledge influenced him in his later choices in life. He has always had a natural aptitude for finance, and once he put the two together, he knew he was onto something.


After graduating from the University of Houston in 1993 he went on to create his own firm, Wealth Solutions. He has used this firm to help clients close the gap between planning for and actually being able to live in retirement. His goal is to aid his clients in pursuing their goals and achieving successful and enjoyable retirements.


This method allows the firm to evaluate clients financial situations and asses what their needs will be once they retire.


The first platform aims at helping the client create a financial roadmap. It outlines their goals, what risks they are willing to take to achieve growth opportunities, and what strengths they have already. This base allows Wealth Solutions to understand the client and create a plan that will work with the client.


The second platform involves developing a long-term strategy that will achieve the financial goals and needs of the clients. It is tailored to each client specifically and involves reallocating and managing assets to ensure that the client gets the most out of everything they have.


This includes planning beyond just financing living during retirement but also insurance needs, long-term care, and life insurance to plan for every scenario that might possibly come up for any client.