What Happened With Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a sheriff in Arizona. He has been in the news a lot because of the things he did to two men and countless other immigrants. For years, Joe Arpaio operated as a corrupt lawman without people realizing what he was doing. Those who did realize the problems that were going on in the sheriff’s department were too afraid to say anything because of the way he treated them. They knew they would also be in trouble if they spoke out against him. The two men who weren’t afraid to say something about Joe Arpaio were Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. They knew they had to do something so they chose to speak out against him in the form of media. They ran successful web publications and that caused them to want to say something about Joe Arpaio. They knew he would be upset, but they had to do it anyway.


Once the men decided they were going to speak out against Joe Arpaio, they immediately took action. They published information on the corruption in his department. The men knew they would be able to make something happen since they had a lot of reach to people around the country and the world. They wanted to make it apparent that Joe Arpaio was doing things illegally to people who were immigrants. He was keeping them from coming to the country because he didn’t believe they should be protected to come to the United States.


When Jim and Mike did this, they never realized the backlash that would come from it. The sheriff’s department broke into both of their homes. They were drug out and taken to prison, which was completely illegal. The entire thing was illegal and Joe Arpaio tried to pin some crime on them that they hadn’t done. What he didn’t realize is they had the support of millions of people standing behind them, and they were able to fight the charges unlike some of the other people Joe Arpaio had arrested in the past. They were ready to fight for themselves.


Joe Arpaio lost that battle. The men fought him hard enough that he was willing to settle out of court. They knew he would need to pay them a lot of money. When they got the money from the settlement, they decided to use it to help others who had been hurt by Joe Arpaio