Whitney Wolfe: The Hive is Inspiring Women Employees

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a woman who has changed many lives in the last four years. Many people know Whitney Wolfe as the founder of one of the largest dating applications in the world at the moment. The app is called Bumble, and it has given women the respect they deserve when dating. When the former co-founder of Tinder began the application several years ago, Whitney Wolfe knew the tricks of the market, and she was ready to make an impact on the lives of her customers, especially women. The app would focus on making sure that the woman was making the first impression, something that is very difficult to find in all the dating apps in the market. The first move by the woman means that the woman is in control, and that is why Whitney Wolfe has gained so many clients. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

According to a recent statement from the dating firm, Bumble has already recorded more than five hundred users who come from all over the world. The institution is currently valued at one billion. Many investors in the industry are envious because the businesswoman has grown the app so first. In less than five years, Bumble is already very popular, and the future seems to be very bright. More people are starting to embrace the idea of giving the woman the role to initiate a relationship. There are several platforms that have been provided by the application so that women who are in their careers can network and at the end of the day help each other. The institution has enjoyed a good reputation, but things have changed for the better when the company started treated its female employees better.

Bumble opened its headquarters in Austin last year, and it named the beautiful offices The Hive. The color of the office has been designed in the most beautiful way so that space is able to inspire a lot of confidence and positivity, especially for the people in the offices. The conference offices are out of this world. The entryways, light switches, and even the bathroom mirrors motivate the employees to become the best in whatever they are starting to engage in.

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