Who Is Jason Hope, And What Is His Opinion Of The Internet Of Things?

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur that is heavily involved in the internet and technology and has made a name for himself as a frequent writer and commentator on the latest trends in the technology industry including the Internet of Things. He has recently voiced his opinion of this calling the Internet of Things revolutionary and the best advancement in the technology industry today.

The Internet of Things is the connection between technologies and the ability to sync two common household devices together. From kitchen appliances to street lights, devices of all kinds are now able to sync with each other to increase efficiency and decrease waste. Jason Hope explains that this advancement changes the way businesses operate and will continue to operate for years down the line.

Jason Hope is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Kentucky with degrees in International Relations, Spanish, and a minor in french. He then moved forward to a master’s degree in Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation completed in 2014 at UK. He is currently enrolled in the graduate certificate program in Safety, Security & Emergency Management at Eastern Kentucky University.

Philanthropy has recently become a major part of Jason Hope.